Saturday, 8 January 2011

New Year

...It's been a while.

Time sure does fly by and I really should have posted something sooner. But painting, fortnightly trips to the job centre, friend and family visits, and many (many many) festive celebrations seem to have distracted me somewhat.

So, as I continue to try and scrape by, what have I been up to?

Unsurprisingly, it's been painting, painting, and painting... and making the odd Christmas present or two. It's paying off though as some of the commissions I have are getting much closer to being finished.

I seem to constantly feel guilty about the time it's taking me to complete things at the moment. I suppose that has something to do with not being in the fast paced studio/university environment anymore, and the added pressure of my work being for someone other than me. I just have to keep telling myself that I'm doing fine and carry on.

Anyway, on a lighter, more exciting note, Pile has been given the opportunity to go to Chapter in Cardiff. It will run from 4th February to 20th March, and will have evolved from it's staging at Surface Gallery. Hopefully I'll have time to make a new piece for it.

Other than that, I've not much to report. I'm planning on changing my blog at some point so that it's a bit more attractive, and perhaps I'll say that one of my New Year Resolutions is to keep this regularly updated.

So I guess 'watch this space'...

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