Friday, 5 August 2011

University Collection

Once again, I've not been sticking to my 'post more frequently' rule.

Anyway, I've been busy finding time to finish another set of Polaroids for Nottingham Trent University's art collection. There was no specific criteria, just that they maybe should reflect upon my time at NTU.

'Bicycle' 2011; lots of people, and lots of places to go meant that seeing locked up bikes was quite a common occurence around Nottingham. The quirky ones would always be found near the art and design building; old ones with baskets and bells.

'Graveyard (Tree in Bloom)' 2011; April, in the graveyard opposite the Arboretum, I noticed this one tree which had the brightest pink flowers. There were no other ones like it, and no other trees near it. I loved walking past it en route to the studio. This is painted from a photo that I had taken myself.

'Market Berries' 2011; Notts is pretty good for it's markets - in the Victoria Centre, Sneinton and on the Square - but for me, the most memorable was the fruit & veg one on Shakespeare Street.

That's the last of the commissions I gained following the Degree Show. Pretty much a whole year's work! Blimey. So, unless some new ones come up any time soon, it's time to start making work for myself.

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